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Why vacation rental insurance?

Vacation rental insurance protects you from liability

Protects you from

Personal Liability

The single biggest exposure you have as a vacation rental owner is liability. When you open your door as the owner, you are also opening yourself up to liability risk.

Vacation rental insurance protects your house contents

Protects your

Building and Contents

The second biggest exposure you have as the vacation rental owner is the actual property itself (building and contents). Our insurance protects you and your rental from XYZ.

Vacation rental insurance protects your business income

Protects your

Vacation Rental Insurance

Another big exposure you have is lost rental income, or business income. You have worked extremely hard to turn your property into an income generating short-term vacation rental business.

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Vacation Rental vs. Personal Insurance

When you have income on your Vacation Rental YOU ARE A BUSINESS! Personal home or a 2nd home does not cover you properly

Vacation Rental Insurance

  • Covers having multiple lease agreements through out the year.
  • Covers you from liability exposures for multiple tenants
  • Covers personal property, beds, tables, chairs, dishes, furniture, loss of rents or income, property/dwelling, and so much more.
  • Protects business income
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Personal Insurance

  • Personal homeowners insurance DOES NOT properly cover Vacation Rentals
  • Tenant policy DOES NOT cover vacation Rental Properly with multiple and frequent lease contract
  • Personal Home policy DOES NOT cover lost income
  • Liability exposures are different with multiple unknown tenants
  • Claims under a Personal Home policy run the RISK of being denied
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5.0 out of 5.0 – Based on 80+ Certified Google Reviews

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